Sailing Horse Winery is Located on Oklahoma's Largest Lake - Lake Eufaula

Sailing Horse wines featured at two Lake Eufaula events this Memorial Day weekend!

The winery will not be open for wine tastings or tours, however we continue to market at Farmers Markets conveniently located to you in Muskogee and Eufaula.

The Stuffed OliveIf you can't make the Farmers' Market, follow the Lakeshore Loop from Main Street to the grand opening of our lakeshore's new restaurant 'Memorial Day festival' Saturday afternoon.


The Stuffed Olive, Fresh, Frisky and NOT fried. . .
On Lake Eufaula's own 'Magnificent Mile' on the Lakeshore Loop
Open 11-2p

Entertainment by 'Have Guitar, Will Travel'
Fresh Local Foods & Complementary Wine tasting.
Eufaula's Fresh New Flavor

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Saturdays 8a-noon
Library Lawn (1 block W of Main on 1st street)

Opening Memorial Day weekend with fresh produce, crafts, live entertainment, food demonstration, wine tasting and free balloons for the kids!

Pick up a couple bottles of Bo Peep and Red Tractor at the Muskogee and Eufaula Farmers Markets every Saturday. . . .Special Farmers Market discounts available for Red Tractor!

There’s More to This Winery Than Wine ...

Oklahoma winery and vineyard on beautiful lake EufaulaAmong the growing network of farms and ranches who strive to connect lake area visitors with the farming and ranching traditions, Sailing Horse offers visitors a personal connection to the simplicity and ‘earthiness’ of a farm, combined with its the best of adjoining beaches, water and the vast other natural resource of Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma’s largest lake! Buy OmiseGo in Malaysia

In an area dominated by water attractions, Sailing Horse offers the best of both worlds, connecting folks with agricultural heritage which existed long before man built a vast beautiful lake here.

Wine TastingAt Sailing Horse, we share the ‘new’ agrarian experience, wine and other rural lifestyle products through our tourist-friendly farm situated on the sandy shores of Lake Eufaula, OK. Although the vineyards and a winery are the centerpiece, you will also get an excellent example of sustainable and environmentally sensitive farming approach that are reflected in the vineyard cultivation, habitat development and protective treatment of livestock and wild life. Buy OMG